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Long Reach Hose Clamp Pliers

The old adage that there is nothing new under the sun still holds true, and particularly in today’s world where there is a tool for every imaginable task; including tools to remove and fit constant tension hose clamps. However, as we know, hose clamp removal tools are not created equal, most likely as a result of the fact that there are probably more of such tools of different designs and capabilities on the market today than any other type of automotive tool.

Many of these designs have their uses though; take for instance those that work with a cable that controls a sort of vice that is meant to grip the tangs of the clamp securely. Squeezing the handle is supposed to expand the clamp, and while this sometimes does happen, the problem is that there is often not enough room around a hose clamp in a cramped engine bay to get both your hand and the vice-like part of the tool in a position that allows you to fit the tool onto the clamp securely.

If you have enough room around a hose clamp these tools often make it a little easier to remove or fit constant tension hose clamps, but then again, if you have enough room, you may as well use a tool that does not necessarily require the use of both hands, which brings us to this-

Long-reach hose clamp pliers

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Anyone who has ever worked in extremely confined engine compartments will immediately appreciate the fact that these 28-cm long hose clamp pliers are a cut above the rest in terms of usability. In fact, according to Powerbuilt Tools, who makes this tool, this particular pair of pliers was designed specifically for use in very tight spaces, and particularly in spaces where there is not enough room for both hands and tools at the same time.

As a practical matter, the long reach coupled with the precisely angled jaws makes it possible to clamp onto clamps anywhere on an engine, (almost) regardless of the angle of the clamps’ tangs relative to the tool. Also, note that this tool is designed to handle all constant angle clamps- from those on radiator hoses to those on heater hoses and even to those on oil cooling lines, and all with using only one hand due to the long handles that generate enough clamping force to engage any clamp without slipping.

Other features include the facts that-

  • The tool is designed to exceed ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards
  • The high-quality grips are guaranteed not to become slippery on contact with oil, or to slip off the tool during use
  • The tips are guaranteed not to bend, break, or deform during normal use
  • According to the manufacturer, the entire tool is strong enough to, as they put it, “last a lifetime.”

If you are interested in a tool that really does what it was designed for, it is available from the manufacturer’s website.

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