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Matco E-Z Solder Clamp

Don’t you hate it when you have the perfect join lined up when you’re installing an aftermarket accessory or repairing a wiring harness, you bring your soldering iron across and tin the join, smile to yourself at how perfect it looks and then it falls apart, flicks solder everywhere and you have to strip and prepare the wires again?


Oh, so it’s not just us then?

Well, check out this nifty little sucker. It’s the E-Z Solder Clamp from Matco. Not only does it hold the join in place for you, but it also feeds the solder in too, leaving your free hand to wrangle the soldering iron. Check out this video from Flat Rate Master showing how it works:

It’s really the little things, isn’t it?

Here are some features below, from the Matco Website:

  • Unique aluminum body that holds the wire firmly with a solder feed from the handle
  • Acts as a third hand
  • Always gives the correct soldering performance
  • Use with wire with a diameter not exceeding 4.5mm (0.177″)

The fact that you need to buy special solder to fit the cartridge is a bit of a bummer, but we can’t see why you couldn’t feed some off the roll into it yourself?

The other downside is it’s priced at the pointy end of town at around $120AUD

A good DIY solution is to screw or tack two small alligator clips to a piece of steel. It doesn’t help with the ‘feeding solder’ side of things but it does a good job of holding the join together. We’ve got one of these that we made from an old belt buckle and some spare jumper wires years ago and we use it almost every day! Works a treat.

We’ve got one of the Matco E-Z Solders on its way and we’re keen to try it out

You can find the product at the Matco website HERE

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