The ‘Human Hoist’

Human Hoist says that using their creeper allows you to position yourself to the work when the work cannot be positioned to you. Your head is supported, you’re closer to the work which helps alleviate overextension of his arms, and you don’t have to lay in an awkward position.

They say that with a traditional creeper, with time and repetitive movements you will more than likely begin to suffer the effects that lead to musculoskeletal disorders and overexertion leading to potential injuries that could result in required therapy, surgery and with enough time possibly disability.

How many of us complain about sore backs, necks and whatever else over the course of our career as a mechanic? If we’ve learned one thing it’s that prevention is better than cure so check out this little marvel of engineering which has apparently been in development and testing for 8 years.

Be warned, after watching the video you will never look at a normal creeper the same!

The Human Hoist looks like it would be great for working under aircraft, trucks or lifted four-wheel-drives, but it doesn’t look like there is a huge amount of ground clearance when it is fully lowered which would not be too effective in your everyday light-vehicle repair workshop.

We know what you’re all thinking…

We don’t know the cost. There is talk online that these retail for around $1000 but we have a funny feeling the ticket price on these is a little north of that. (Like ‘sell a kidney’ north) but you have to admit- what a machine!

If we’re honest with ourselves, we think we’d spend more time goofing around zooming across the workshop on these rather than getting any work done.

Also, how many of us actually use creepers on the regular given that most of our workshops are equipped with many hoists? Let us know in the comments below.

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