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Grease The Wheels Podcast – Episode 162: What I Wish Customers Knew

On this week’s episode of Grease the Wheels, Uncle Jimmy takes aim and touches a few hot ones off at the customers! There are a lot of things that we wish customers knew, but one of the first ones that comes to mind is that manners are not optional. If you want to get your car fixed, sometimes it behoves you to be polite. We know that it is a major inconvenience, but odds are that we didn’t cause the problem that caused your car to stop working. That is unless of course it’s a comeback, but even then customers should know that because of the way that these cars are built, wired, and integrated- they can mess up for any and all reasons! This means that sometimes what seems like it could be a simple fix leads you down the rabbit hole into a nightmare repair bill. This is nothing to say of the current supply constraints that are leaving parts rooms everywhere missing vital components- and folks, this one isn’t going to be letting up for a while. Also we give customers a handy guide to whether or not their car problem is covered under warranty: “was it caused by a defect in the manufacture or materials by the manufacturer of your car?” If no, then the repair will not be covered under warranty, might want to check insurance instead! Also Uncle Jimmy pitches “CSI: Mechanic” and wants to know: “What do you wish customers knew?” 

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